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Attendance Information

The Law

Your child must receive full-time education. As parent or carer, you are responsible for making sure this happens. Irregular attendance will undermine your child’s education. Statistics show that children who miss school can become victims of crime and some are drawn into anti-social behaviour.

We are constantly working on pupil attendance and this emphasis needs constant reinforcement and support from parents. We are grateful for the cooperation of parents who are asked to adopt the following procedures:

  • Please telephone, text, email, send a note in, or pop into reception giving the reasons for absence by 9.15 am on the first day of absence. If we have not receive a reason for absence by this time a text message will be sent out as part of the first day absence procedures for your child’s safety.  If absences are frequent a home visit will be made by the Family Liaison Officer, or the Attendance Advisory Service will be notified.
  • If a pupil is receiving treatment from a doctor or dentist and needs time out from school, please give the school at least 24 hours’ notice. On the day of the appointment you will be able to pick up your child from reception. Your child will then be ‘signed out’ giving a reason for leaving school during session time, then ‘signed in’ when your child returns.
  • If your child arrives in the morning after the bell has gone, up to 9 am they are to enter via the normal entrance. After 9 am they will need to enter via the main entrance into the Reception where they will be signed into the late book.

Authorised Absence

Only the Headteacher can authorise absence. The Headteacher is not obliged to accept your explanation. Absence can be authorised for the following reasons: sickness; a one off event such as sibling graduation; family bereavement; a public performance.

Absences will not be authorised if:

  • Another member of the family is ill
  • The family have overslept or had a late night
  • There are problems with uniform/clothing
  • You have forgotten school dates
  • Your child attends a medical/dental appointment for more than half a day without written proof that this is necessary. If they have a medical/dental appointment in the morning, bring them straight back afterwards. If the appointment is in the afternoon, pick them up beforehand.
  • There is an annual family event such as a birthday – a lot of children have the day off to celebrate – staff still come to school on their birthday, children should too! Children dress in non-uniform when it is their birthday so that they feel extra special. If their birthday falls on a weekend or in the holidays, they can come in in non-uniform on the Friday (if birthday on Saturday);  Monday (if birthday on Sunday) or if during the holidays they can wear either day before or after the break.
  • You take your child shopping

Any pupil, whose attendance is below 95% the previous academic year, will be required to provide medical proof for all absences (such as: a copy of the prescription; label off medicine; doctor’s certificate; appointment card). Those pupils who have unauthorised absence and their attendance drops below 90% during the year will be called in to Attendance Clinics, this could result in being fined or taken to court. The Government target for attendance is 96.4%

You should only keep your child off school if they are genuinely too ill to attend. Good attendance is rewarded weekly, termly and annually. Please make every effort to ensure that your child attends regularly.


Holiday in School Time

It is part of the Trust’s Policy, alongside the Government’s Policy,  not to authorise time out of school for family holidays.

Requests for leave of absence should be made in writing to the Headteacher at least two weeks, or more if possible, explaining why you want the time off. All requests will be followed up by a meeting with the Headteacher.

If the leave requested is for a holiday, and you know that the Headteacher will not approve it, it is strongly advisable that you make an appointment to speak to the Headteacher , as without your co-operation it will be recorded as an unauthorised absence which could result in a Fixed Penalty fine, especially if your child’s attendance is below 95%. It is at the Headteacher discretion as to whether or not she advises the Attendance Advisory Service not to issue a penalty notice.

Currently the fine is £120 per child per adult with parental care responsibility if paid within 28 days of the notice. This is reduced to if paid within 21 days. You could end up with an automatic referral to the Magistrates court if not paid.

Monitoring Attendance

The school has a ‘five-step’ approach to monitoring absence and lateness. It will not always be appropriate to progress through all of these steps or even to carry them out in the order listed.

‘Five Steps’

  1. Telephoning / Text messaging home on the first day of absence/unannounced home visit by the Family Liaison Officer
  2. Fortnightly checking of attendance with the Attendance Officer and Family Liaison Officer followed by regular checking by the Attendance Advisory Practitioner (AAP)
  3. Referring low attendance to the Attendance Advisory Practitioner
  4. Inviting parents/carers to a school Attendance Clinic with the Headteacher and the Attendance Advisory Practitioner.
  5. Formal action which could result in a fine.


Lateness will also be referred to the Family Liaison Officer. Persistent lateness will be referred to the Attendance Advisory Practitioner. Children must be encouraged to walk directly to school as quickly as possible in order to keep themselves safe.

Helpful Hints

  • Telephone / Text or Email the school before 09:15 on the first day of your child’s absence. Telephone: 01634 829009 Text: 07860 002495 or email: 8872001@capita-intouch.co.uk
  • Notify the school well in advance of any medical appointments
  • Respond to school enquiries about unexplained absence
  • Provide evidence, such as a letter from the hospital, for whole day medical appointments
  • Keep us well informed of any ongoing medical conditions your child has that may affect their attendance
  • If possible try and make appointments outside of school or during school holidays
  • Make sure you have alternative arrangements for a friend or relative to get your child to school in an emergency
  • If you do not have an alternative contact, we may be able to help
  • If you are not sure whether your child is well enough to attend school, bring them anyway. They often perk up during the day but we will contact you if they do not
  • If your child has a well-known childhood illness, contact the school for advice on recovery time. We have all the up to date information.
  • Head lice – If your child has head lice please treat and bring your child into school the same day once treated.