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Year 5 Matrix

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

Term 6



Mystery Story(kidnapped!)



(linked to mystery?)

Defeating the monster(Theseus and the Minotaur)

Newspaper report linked to defeating the monster

Finding/Losing Tale(Finding Nemo and Cinderella)



Time Slip Suspense story (The door) 

Auto/biography (Roald Dahl)




Warning story 

(The Canal) 


(Linked to warnings)



Place valueAdd and subtract

Multiply and divide


FractionsProperties of shape

Position and direction


Place valueAdd and subtract

Multiply and divide

Multiply and divideMeasurement


Properties of shapes.Position and direction.

Add and subtract

Multiply and divide







Changing StateCompare and group materials based on properties

Dissolving things in liquid

Separating substances (filtering, sieving, evaporating)

Reversible and irreversible changes.

Living things and their habitatsLife cycles of a mammal, an amphibian, an insect and a bird

Life process of reproduction in some plants and animals.

Animals including humansDescribe the changes as we develop to old age.

School Nurse

Gravity and ForcesGravity – reason why things fall

Air resistance, water resistance and friction

Some mechanisms, including levers, pulleys and gears, allow a smaller force to have a greater effect.

Earth and SpaceDescribe the movement of Earth

Describe movements of the moon

Explain day and night and the sun’s “movement” across the sky.

The Astrodome is to be booked.

InvestigationsLinked to learning throughout the year.



Internet Safety and GraphicsSaving images

Graphic skills

Being safe online.

TextFormatting text. MultimediaCapturing sound, image and video. DatabasesSearch and create

Create graphs and tables


Copy and paste extracts

EmailsVideo chat

Email with attachments




MarriageLooking at marriage across a range of religions. How did it all start?Creation stories from different religions and myths. IslamThe five pillars of Islam, The Qur’an. ChristianityBeliefs. Teaching seen in lives of the Saints and Martyrs. SikhismIntroduction into the beliefs and traditions. What do we believe in our town?Use the census to investigate locally held beliefs – compare with previous censuses.


Mountains and Climate ZonesHuman and physical geography RainforestsHuman and physical geography, changes over time, latitude and longitude, tropics of Capricorn and cancer, equator, biomes, climate zones FairtradeBrazil

(Land use, human and physical geography, economic activity, trade links and distribution of natural resources)

HISTORY  Ancient Greece(a study of Greek life and achievements and their influence on the western world)

Visit to Maidstone Museum Ancient Greek artefacts – come to school

The Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for England to Edward the confessor A study of an aspect or theme of British history that extends past 1066.(The changing Power of Monarchs using case studies ie John, Anne and Victoria)

Victorian School day.



Painting and Mixed MediaPainting skills incorporating a range of media. British ArtistWilliam Morris Rainforest artProduce a range of rainforest art using a range of media
MUSIC  Young VoicesAnimal Rhythms

Singing, performance, composition, prepare for young voices, staff notation in rhythm form

Young voicesChristmas

Singing, performance, composition, prepare for young voices

Rhythm GridsNotation, using complex rhythms, composition, small group performances, appraising Small group singingPart singing using rounds and ostinato

Small group work to arrange their own performances and show the class.


Instruments of the OrchestraListening and music vocabulary StompRhythm composition, using what’s around us, create a class performance, small group performances, appraising



Tag rugby Gym / Dance Netball Cricket Football Athletics



Ancient Greek Vases(design, make and evaluate a vase) Felt Decorations(design, make and evaluate a decoration to be sold at the Christmas Fair) Fair-trade – cooking(produce a product to sell at the summer fair with packaging)



SEALNew Beginnings SEALGetting on and Falling out SEAL Going for Goals SEALGood to be me SEALRelationships SEALChanges