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On entry into Phoenix, pupils are issued with a medical Care Plan, which we ask parents/carers to complete if their child has a medical issue.  If a child suffers from Asthma, another form is to be completed. The child will also be issued with an orange ‘bum bag’ in which their asthma pump is kept and the child keeps this with them at all times.


It is the Trust’s policy not to administer any medication to pupils. The only exception is if the medication (ie antibiotics) has to be taken 4 times a day. All forms of medicine must be given into the School Office.  They must be clearly labelled with the child’s name and state the time and dose to be administered by the child themselves.  Whenever possible it is advisable for parents to come into school to give the medicine.

In addition, a form must be completed to keep in the School Office, stating what the medication is for, the dose and time to be given.

Illness or injury at school

Should your child become unwell during the day, we will contact you and ask if medication can be brought in for them, or for you to take them home or to the doctors. In the case of minor accidents, first aid will be given at school by one of the school’s qualified first aiders. In the event of a serious accident, you will be contacted immediately. We will always contact parents in the case of a head injury – even a minor bump.


During their time at Phoenix most children will undergo various medical examinations.  Parents will be notified of these and where appropriate invited to attend.

Kindly inform us of any special medical requirements or important medical history. If you have any concerns over your child’s health please tell the class teacher. We have access to several agencies that might be able to offer advice, ie School Nurse, Speech and Language Therapist.

Head lice

The Health Authority no longer provides us with head lice checks.  Where a pupil is suspected of having head lice they will be sent to the School Office.  Parents are then informed and asked to collect their children and carry out the necessary treatment at home.  All members of the family should be treated.  When an outbreak occurs we will usually send a letter home with all the children in the class warning of the problem and asking that hair is checked, and treated if necessary.

This is sometimes a sensitive issue.  It is important that Parents understand that having head-lice is not a sign of uncleanliness.  It is a result of hair contact.  Indeed staff frequently find themselves attacked by these harmless bugs, time and time again.

Please support us, as it is only by your assistance that we can reduce the outbreaks of head lice in school.