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PE and Sport Premium 2018-2019

Items Cost
Transport to inter school competitions £2000.00
Field Maintenance and marking £735.00
Sports Club –Coaches for after school £4500.00
Whole School Sports Celebration £5000.00
New equipment for Table Tennis/Badminton/stamina £4500.00
Introduction of the Real PE Curriculum £1395.00
Training Coaches to Swimming accreditation £750.00

At Phoenix Junior Academy we are using our PE premium money towards the following:

Sports clubs

We run after-school sports clubs every day at Phoenix on a weekly basis, which include: Football, Basketball, Athletics, Cricket, Netball and Fitness Games that also takes place on Mondays and Tuesdays. Some of sports-specific clubs are held at Victory Academy, which gives us access to high-quality sports facilities, as space can be limited at Phoenix for practice of some sports. We have forged good relations with Chatham Town FC, Gillingham FC, Kent Phoenix American football, Holcombe Town hockey, Soar trampoline and starting up relations with Medway rugby club and Medway badminton association.

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Pupil Premium children are highlighted in italics.

The clubs have given the children the opportunity to practice these sports more in depth, with more of a focus on the technical side of the games, as well as improving the basic skills required to play the sports. Phoenix has one coach teaching the after school clubs with two sports coach apprentices that assist with the sessions. Therefore, the children receive outstanding coaching and are involved more throughout the sessions as the ratio of teaching staff to children is better. Children that have attended sports clubs on a regular basis have developed into team players that represent the school at the Mini Youth Games. Recently the basketball team placed 6th out of 46 teams, Hockey the team finished 20th from 42 teams, mixed Football we finished 18th from 38 teams and in girls football we finished an excellent 8th from 20 teams.

The school has been able to purchase sports equipment of excellent quality, which is more durable and enjoyable to use. We have a variety of equipment for every sport that we practice at Phoenix, so children are able to experience a wide variety of sports and choose those that most interest them. The structure of after school clubs is constantly developing which is increasing the effectiveness of the time we have, that will in time, allow the school to constantly improve at the Mini Youth Games and also raise the children’s ability in P.E and improve their attainment levels.

Children with special needs including physical. We do not discriminate between those who may have physical or other needs and we aim to include all children in PE lessons and clubs. Staff are trained and briefed in any training for Fizzy or Beam programmes by the SENCo.

Sport equipment

  • Basketball stands and nets.

These were brought in to allow more flexibility and adjustability for height our previous hoops and nets were fixed the exterior walls. Skills such as shooting and dribbling are practiced and improved. This has increased the attendance to clubs to 26 and we run the clubs inside and outside.

  • Badminton Nets and rackets. The school had no provision for Badminton, this is a new sport that the children enjoy. To experience this in a larger setting the children are using the facilities at Fort Pitt. This is a new popular club and activity and has seen the numbers attending rise to 20 with a waiting list.
  • Footballs and goals. All the footballs we had were one size and in poor condition, these have been replaced with appropriate sizes for their ages. We have also purchased portable goals posts and nets to improve accuracy and play on the playground.

Football has always been popular, however we are seeing more children an increase in club attendance to 20, which we need to rotate on a termly basis.

  • Hockey and indoor goals. This is a new sport to the school and is again very popular. For the first time we entered the MYG tournament and finished a creditable 20th from 42 teams. The new equipment allows us to practice inside and outside dependant upon weather. We regularly have 20 children across the age range attending clubs.
  • Mats. These have replaced the original mats, which were in a poor state. Gymnastics and fitness games use these to ensure safety of the children.
  • Table Tennis. We will be purchasing both internal and external tables for the children to learn and practice the skills and agility needed for this sport.
  • General fitness equipment (ladders, markers and hurdles). With national fitness and wellbeing being so prevalent in our current culture we found it imperative to purchase basic equipment which allowed the children to test themselves physically in ways which not only approved upon vital motor skills but also improved upon overall health and fitness levels. Since purchasing said equipment and allowing children to use it in warm ups, PE, clubs and lunchtime activities we have noticed an improvement in motivation levels, participation in sports and overall fitness in those children who take part on a regular basis. We measure the children’s fitness by doing regular beep tests which are compared to previous tests, this has seen a 25% increase in pupil fitness measured over the last year.
  • New Curriculum. We are going to be introducing the Real PE Curriculum to ensure a varied and sustained curriculum provision across the school for all children.

Sports Celebration

We are planning our Sporting Celebration for this year to be at a local Sports Centre where access to indoor basketball, softball and badminton courts will allow all the children to participate alongside the more traditional Track and Field events. This will be spread over a week in the summer term and on the final day parents will be allowed to come and enjoy the celebration with their children.

Sport field maintenance

There is limited space around the school building and we are fortunate to have a field a short walking distance from the school. This is vital for us to be able to play various sports, which are needed to have a fulfilling and well-rounded curriculum. By keeping the field maintained all year and having football and athletics track markings we can allow the children to take part in the various sports needed to develop the children and give them the opportunity to have a fun and positive learning experience whilst doing it.



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