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School Uniform

The school is open uniform pick up at arranged times. We have a limited stock of school uniform, if anyone needs to buy any jumpers, cardigans or polos.

School uniform is an essential part of being a member of Phoenix Junior Academy. It symbolises that you belong and are part of the Phoenix family. All children are required to wear the uniform and regular checks are carried out to see that all children are wearing the correct uniform.

The Uniform consists of:

  • Purple Jumper/Cardigan
  • White polos – with logo (Yr 3 & Y4)
  • Black knee length school skirt
  • Black trousers
  • Black or white socks*
  • Black school shoes
  • Year 5 & 6 are to wear school ties with white shirts

*Socks can have additional lace of no more than 2 cm

Summer (from Term 6 – after May holiday until end of July):

As above but with the addition of:

  • Black school shorts
  • Purple gingham out dresses

It is advisable that long hair is tied back. Hair decorations should be small and discrete bows no more than 7 cm and be in the school colours.

Patterns are not to be shaved into hairstyles.

PE Kit

  • White T Shirt
  • Black Shorts
  • Plimsoles/Trainers

Please could you ensure that your child has their PE Kit AT ALL TIMES. Kits should be brought in at the beginning of the week/term and left in school.

The kit should be:


Dark jogging bottoms and additional sweatshirt as PE will be done outside (weather permitting).

Please Note: Calls will no longer be made home for kit.

Sanctions for forgetting PE Kit will be:

  • 1st time: Phone call home
  • 2nd time: 30 mins loss of lunchtime
  • 3rd time: Loss of lunchtime

If your child attends a sports club, they still require the correct kit. If attending football club, they require trainers and shin pads, as well as their football boots.

PE is an important part of the school curriculum, just as important as literacy and numeracy as it is a way of keeping healthy and being active. Failure to wear the correct uniform will result in a letter sent home. If a child does not have their PE kit the child will spend the lesson completing work and will complete a lunchtime detention. After missing PE 3 times a letter will be sent home to parents, and they may be required to attend an after school PE session.

School uniform can be purchased from the main office and our prices are very competitive. If you wish your child to wear a plain white polo shirt, these can be purchased, along with black trousers/skirts from your local supermarkets/shops, ie: Tesco, Asda, Primark.

House Points

  • Air (8)
  • Earth (5)
  • Fire (5)
  • Water (2)